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The Symposium of Exchange Student to Malaysia City University 2018/05/22 
Petah Tiqwa Mayor Etzk Bryfurman’s Visit to Hunan City University 2018/05/22 
President Li Jianqi led a delegation to visit universities in New Zealand and... 2018/05/22 
Professor Wang Shenpei from Northeastern University, USA, delivered an academ... 2018/05/22 
Professor Henk J.van Zuylen from Holland’s Technische Universiteit Delft giv... 2018/05/22 

HNCU invited Prof. Dr. Kinoshita Isamu at chiba university in Japan to give a... 2018/05/22 
Spectrum Aviation Systems, Inc. (USA) Visits Hunan City University 2018/05/22 
The Visit of Our Delegation to Four Universities in the United States and Can... 2018/05/22 
Australian Water Environment Expert Tony Weber Visited HNCU 2018/05/22 
Delegation of Hunan City University Visited Westphalian University of Applied... 2018/05/18 

Ten Students Selected by the National Han Affairs Office to Teach in Thailand 2018/05/18 
The 2016 “Overseas Master” Project Officially Launched 2018/05/18 
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